not thoughts on divorce

Published November 22, 2012 by emotionless brain

I had an epiphany today. What do women seek in a healthy relationship? Differences with commonalities. You that was a mouth full, and an oxymoron. As girls grow up they become women thru their experiences, and they bond with other women because of their experiences. There is the “been married”, the “had children”, “been or getting divorced”, one I am unwilling to even fantasize about “married again”, “widowed”, “lost one or both parents”, “lost a child”. All of these are experiences we women are taught to wear as badges (especially child-birth). My divorce was final Nov 18 2008 (which by the way 2008 was my year of D’s another story for another time). I realized I have four years post divorce. Someone who I have known from a distance for a few years is now going thru a divorce, and her divorce is radically different from mine, and yet I feel a kinship for her. A bond that may or may not survive past her need of support during this tumultuous time. None the less I being the person I am will be there for her supporting her, during her time of need without an expectation or even requesting reciprocation. That my dear folks is what is called unconditional love.

Try it sometime, I promise you will like it!!!!


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