Published December 8, 2012 by emotionless brain

It is Chaunakah, and I am in remembrance of holidays as a child. I remember opening each gift neatly and meticulously never “ripping” the paper, ribbons, none of it. I would gently fold the wrapping paper into a pile (I wonder what ever happened too all the neatly folded paper?) Every gift occasion I was amazingly surprised, my parents were amazing at selecting the most unique and surprising gifts. The one that stands out the most in my memory was the Mickey Mouse pencil sharpener that when you put the pencil in Mickey’s mouth and turned the handle it made chewing motions that were incredible (at least I thought so 30 years ago), and I kept that pencil sharpener for 20 years (till it sadly stopped working). How can a simple pencil sharpener be the most memorable gift I can remember from my childhood? 

I hope one of the many unique and creative gifts I give my children each occasion will have a similar impact on my two amazing, beautiful, and wonderful children. 


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