Home from Holidays elsewhere

Published December 29, 2012 by emotionless brain

My kids came home today after being with their father for a week. I do not need to describe the chaotic state they were returned in. Both kids were in spaz mode, and now four hours later still are out of control and now complaining of “not feeling well”. Duh, what do you expect when you stay up three hours later than your normal bed time, but are not allowed to sleep in in the morning (they kids were up by 7am every morning if not earlier), and are fed a very different diet (one with absolutely no live foods). 

Some of the difference between how I live and how my ex-husband and his wife live are things like doing and getting what you WANT, instead of what is best or correct, or appropriate. I want to eat an entire Oreo cream pie, it taste good and I am hungry. A responsible mature individual would probably have a discussion something like sure you could eat the whole pie but that may not be the best choice. If you are hungry have something healthy like an apple or piece of fruit, and then a piece of the pie also ensuring there will be some for other people and another day. If you eat the whole pie now you will get a belly ache now and probably later too, you will probably feel badly later because there is no nutritional value, it taste good but will not give you energy. 

Instead when they are with Daddy they are encouraged to eat the whole pie. So now that they are home and hear the word “NO” again they are in shock, “what?” “why?” “huh?”.

Not on my watch baby. I let them stay up a little over one hour past bed time, and I am unable to get cooperation to brush teeth, argh. I am amazed each time they come back form Daddy’s at the level of competitiveness they have achieved (not that that is such a good thing all the time about every little or big thing). If one has something to say the other has to say it with est. I call it the est syndrome cutest, loudest, smartest, get it? Competition is healthy on some levels, but really this is unreal. 

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