My mothers wedding ring…

Published December 30, 2012 by emotionless brain

I was going thru some boxes today and I found my mothers wedding ring. She was not a woman for jewelry, her wedding ring was not a traditional wedding ring or band. I cannot find the “pass-down ring” she gave me (nor can I find my spectacular wedding ring, took it off four years ago, and have not seen it since). I really wanted to wear the simple but elegant rose gold with garnets pass-down ring that I think started with my great-grandmother all the way to me. I have been looking for it for about a year now (I still have boxes unpacked from when I moved into this house three years ago).

My mother passed away 9 years ago this Thanksgiving, while I miss her more now than before I have learned how to deal with not having my life long best friend around (I hope my daughter will look to me as her life long best friend some day). I imagine it may take a long time for her to feel like that about me, it took me well into my thirties to feel the bond with my mother (I am typical type A personality), but maybe not my daughter is nothing like I was (my son he is a chip off the old block most days).

So I have put the ring on my right ring finger, I tried it on immediately after my mother died and I was not comfortable wearing it. Now it fits and feels comfortable. A friend of mine had an unpleasant divorce, apparently her ex-husband during their marriage gave her a lot of jewelry that she now cannot even bare to look at (she only has one daughter, but two sons). I wish my mother would have had some kind of jewelry, more than just her wedding ring, and a few costume pieces. Save your jewelry, or have it made into different pieces so it does not remind you of your ex. If I ever find my wedding ring which was fabulous (I designed it myself with white gold, rose gold, a centerpiece diamond and smaller diamonds that made x’s and o’s for hugs and kisses, it was three rings in one). The grand centerpiece has a history, my grandfather went to a jeweler in NY City gosh close to 80 years ago and said I have this much money I want the largest, clearest, purest diamond this much money can buy. In those days the jewelers would take you up to the roof top in the sunlight and show you just how “sparkly” the diamond could be (they were not so willing to share their “loop” in those days). My grandfather purchased nearly a 1.75 carat diamond, and proposed to my biological grandmother, married had two children, and then was divorced. The ring, a very simple solitaire stone in a platinum ring, was then given to my father when his time came who proposed to his first wife, had three children and divorced. My father married a second time (not with that stone or ring), so when my time came the ring was offered to me I thought highly of myself reset the stone in a whole new custom ring. I was going to break the curse, third time is a charm right? No such luck, married had two amazing children, and divorced. My grandfather remarried and was married to the woman I knew as my grandmother till they died, my father remarried had me, and was married to my mother till they died, me well I do not think remarrying is in the cards for me but I am not dead yet, we shall see.

Life is good, I am alive and with my amazing children…



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