What a day

Published January 7, 2013 by emotionless brain

The kids came home, got ready for the soccer game, we stepped outside the box of normal and ate Jack in the Crack monster tacos (I know yelch and not good for you). We all three shared a large Oreo Milkshake. We went early to the indoor soccer place so my son could watch the other players and get some ideas (yes watch and learn sometimes it happens organically). 

My son play fantastically (as he always does), and he loves the game. We then went to Academy to exchange the indoor soccer shoes his father made him buy (even after I informed his father that he did not need them, that he was allowed to wear his regular cleats) and a couple of holiday gifts my son got but has absolutely no use for (binoculars, and walkie talkies). Grand total there was about $85, he then purchased a soccer goal, a helmet (to wear when he rides his skate board), a pump (gotta be able to pump up the balls), and found a good pair of soccer cleats on the clearance rack for 1/3 the price (for that price I will allow two pair of cleats, and these were a little on the big side), and goalie gloves. My daughter was able to get shin guards she will start soccer soon, but no success in cleats for her it is amazing how different the shoe makes sizes fit (Nike does not fit either of my kids well). There were no cool balls in her size so when we check out the Pro Soccer store (yes at a much higher price, but a much better selection) she will get cleats and a ball.

After I thought I had to go to the airport to collect a friend that might have a layover and needed a place to crash, so we drove and just as we approached the airport they called and advised they made their connecting flight. Darn and what a waste of our time.

We got home and it was total melt down time for my daughter. She was up in arms about everything, crying, complaining, drama, drama, drama. Wow way more than I can deal with, sadly it will be a few days for this regularly occurring phase to pass (regular meaning every time she returns from any length visit with her father or grandparents). I try to empathize, and validate her and teach her how to recognize when she gets into this mode, and a less destructive way to handle it, but no absolutely not nothing I can say or do is right, correct, or acceptable. You see there she is allowed to be it, the center of the universe, the cutest, the loudest, (I call it the est syndrome), you get the picture. Here it is reality, we are a family and a team, I am the adult and parent, the children do as they asked or there may be a consequence. The children are allowed opinions but their opinions do not dictate the outcome of a scenario. I am the only one allowed to discipline (except for the nanny), they are not allowed to discipline each other, and I frequently remind them that if they would allow each other to make mistakes (instead of always trying to correct each other) it would be a lot easier for me to do my job. At their fathers it is all about “I want, or I need”. Here it is  we are more focused on what we already have, and if there is a want or need the best way to fulfill the need or want with the least impact on anyone else. 


Tomorrow will be the last day of “winter break”, we are all ready to get back to our regularly scheduled structure. Wahootie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 


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