A new path in life

Published January 9, 2013 by emotionless brain

Well I am feeling very validated, and content at the moment. I now have six “followers” to my therapy sessions which is how I reference this blog. It is very elating to see that people actually are interested and reading and appreciating what I ramble about here. I am my own worst critic, but why couldn’t I get past myself years ago and do this? Guess I had to grow up some, who knows.

I just put the kids in bed, now is quiet time in my house. This is fast becoming my favorite time of the day, no chatter boxing, not having to bark orders/directions/instructions. The little birds are settling down making their going to sleep chirps, Ollie (the big bird) must be crawling all over his cage because I hear the tinking of his feet on the metal cage (his perches are wood, and other material). The dogs are finally stopping the incessant chewing, and have gotten all their friskies out from playing with the kids while getting ready for bed.

I sit here reflecting on my day at work. Hum, was I productive? Was I productive enough? What did I get done? What didn’t I get done. My title at work is all fluff, and it matters not what my tittle is, what matters is what do I do. Honestly I would not even know where to begin to describe my job, it is both administration and worker bee. When my company restructured last month I was one of the lucky ones that was not cut (wew), but I also have been pulled back into the daily menusha , and less supervising and oversight. Auditing, and trouble shooting aka logistics are two of my strongest skills. Does this company know this absolutely, do they utilize  my skills, nope, do they appreciate the skills of course not. But hey I have a job, so while I complain I am grateful and do not take anything for granted.

Tomorrow my son will finally go for GT testing at his school, I have been asking for the testing for three months. My daughter was tested at the beginning of the school year (I guess her school was better organized, and more interested in getting the extra grant monies for one more student in the GT program). My son is bored stiff in most of his classes, no he is not a straight A student, probably because he is not being challenged. While my kids are not geniuses, they are both very smart and clever, and do not function well when not structured and challenged. I made a deal with my son, if he makes B or above in every class for two report cards in a row I will buy him the Xbox game system he wants, and to sweeten the deal I added that each time he makes Honor Roll I will also buy him a game for the Xbox. I made the arrangement with him about a month ago, might not have been enough for this report card but they come out on Friday we will see.

Life is good, I am employed, my kids are safely tucked in bed, I am going to needlepoint to take my mind out of active mode.

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