When I am right “I am right”

Published January 10, 2013 by emotionless brain

There is a coworker that calls me “devilish hands”, because sometimes I can be a s__t magnet, and I am notorious for finding problems and flaws in systems. The coworker is a very nice person who was born and raised in Pakistan, and while he is Muslim he is an American Muslim, open minded and accepting of all. We have some very interesting conversations about the parallels between our religions, He actually is the second Muslim in my life I have had the pleasure of getting to know. Squirrel moment sorry, back to my story. Anyway the coworker (I will nick name him Fred) and I have been working together on a project trying to resolve a communication problem between multiple systems (details are irrelevant). I told him from the beginning one of my thoughts to the problem, and with having identified this particular problem what the fix would be. He kept trying to tell me no that can not be it, HL7  communication does not work like that. I kept saying I think you are wrong, now mind you his experience with IT far exceeds mine by thousands of hours and possibly a degree (not sure). Today we spoke to a guru of sorts and partially confirmed my suspicion all along the communication for HL7 is supposed to work on the code alone but sometimes does not. Really, come on if a code is used to communicate one specific thing it should matter not what the nomenclature is, guess what Fred, if the code is correct but communicating the wrong thing or only communicating part of the data clearly it requires more than just a code to communicate bidirectional, there is nomenclature somewhere somehow that impacts the communication, or there lack of in this scenario. So moving forward I get to continue plugging away trying to identify what HL7 codes in one system map to the other system, and what still needs codes. Once that is done we can truly test my theory about the nomenclature and its impact on bidirectional communications (of sorts).

Fred please fix my outlook, at 1500 every day it crashes, and I am loosing emails again. This has been going on for over six months now.


Life is good, I have a job, I am breathing, my children are tucked in bed safe and soundly sleeping. I think I will go have a small glass of Amaretto, I wish I could have my mother’s Amaretto cheesecake it was to die for. Nitey nite

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