My son pulled his grade up from failing

Published January 12, 2013 by emotionless brain

I am so proud of my son, I made a deal with him about six weeks ago that if he got B or above for two report cards in a row I would buy him the Xbox he wants, and to sweeten the deal that each time he make honor roll I would buy him a game for the Xbox (not worth having the game system if you do not have any games). So in six weeks he pulled his grades up from failing to B and above in  everything.

But to sour the mood he apparently has had a new girlfriend for less than a week, and has broken up already. He has been an absolute shit since he was picked up from school. He threw one of of the small dogs across the room, has been cussing, and picking fights. Geeze the kids is only 11 yo and he is all freaked out breaking up with a girl with less than a week of being together. How will we ever get thru the rest of life with all this drama over nothing.

I keep telling myself breathe, this too shall pass. We are good we are alive and home safe and sound, and tomorrow he will have forgotten about the silly girl.


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