My son walked to and from school

Published January 17, 2013 by emotionless brain

I have a rule in my house, if you do not do the morning chores you do not earn a ride to school. I live inside the two mile radius that school district has to qualify for Busing. So if the school district says I am too close to qualify for transportation then my son can walk. I hate it when he walks to school, I am scared something will happen to him, he is not street wise quite the opposite he is very innocent. Some mornings he wakes up and is dysfunctional the ODD is in place before the ADD can even start. My son knows when he has done something wrong, but he still does it. I got him a call phone so when he is at his fathers he would have direct communication with me, they would not allow him to call me when he wanted to, and would not allow him any privacy to talk. So I broke down and found affordable cell service ti accommodate a basic no frills no internet. Yesterday as we were walking out the door I looked where the phone was the night before and said “where is the phone?”, my son replied “I don’t know the nanny will help us find it later, lets go”. Silly me did not even think about it, at about 1pm yesterday my sons phone called me, ooooooppppsssssssssss. I immediately knew what was going on, I called the cell phone company and suspended the service, when I got home he told some story that it was not in his pocket initially that when he looked for it he found it, and he knew it was wrong to take it to school, blah blah blah. My response to him was, son that was Hashem (God) at work. Allegedly when he was trying to turn the phone off it “accidently” called me, sounds like divine intervention to me. Of all the numbers in his contacts why did it call me?

So now I am grappling with do I turn the phone back on? and give it back to him? I want to, but then he will sneak it to school again. There is absolutely no reason for him to need his phone at school. If he needs to call me he can use the school phone. 

Argh the joys of parenting… Life is good the kids are tucked in bed with full belly’s, we have a roof over our heads, and the love of all our dogs and birds (almost all of them are rescues). 


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