The Urgent Care

Published January 18, 2013 by emotionless brain

I just spent three hours in the “urgent care” clinic that gets the same copay as the er with my son for a sprained ankle. It has probably been sprained for a couple of weeks, but tonight he tweaked it playing soccer. I think it was divine intervention for him to slow down. This week he has been moving very fast and incredibly argumentative.

He has found an excuse not to go to his fathers tomorrow. The excuse that if he goes he will not be able to rest his ankle. Really? give me a break, yo adults over there instead of giving the child whatever he wants why don’t you try doing whats best for him and being the adult with rules, and consistency. While kids love getting their way, they prefer and gain more by having rules and expectations. It creates stability and security, which is essential for healthy development as well as eventually producing a functional adult (when they get there).

Now I have to figure a way around what I have to do this weekend to accommodate my sons irresponsible father. The things I have to do are not changeable and are not in my command to change. It is work stuff, fiddlesticks.

What will be will be, life is good we are healthy, warm safe and full bellies fish and salad for dinner.


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