Lazy Saturday

Published January 19, 2013 by emotionless brain

My son was supposed to go to his fathers house, well he went last night but called at 0700 this morning informing me that he was ready to come home immediately. His sister had a game in a couple of hours, so his father was willing to drop him off on the way. 

So my weekend for me was yet again averted for the good of my children. The sleep I desperately need, the quiet and alone time I so cherish. I love my son, and I love his company. Why do I feel guilty for not wanting his company? 

Going into the weekend I had an itinerary and a mind set. I was at work until after midnight (I had to give an in-service to the night crew), so I had HIGH expectations of sleeping late this morning. So the phone ringing at 0700 with I’m coming home, sorta put me on the sour side. 

Now I am feeling even more guilty that I want to keep my (rare) plans to spend time with a girlie friend. My son has tried calling friends to see if he could go hang with them, all without response (I try to explain to my kids if you wait till the last min to make plans you may not get to do what you want). I have never taken a baby sitter to go out, a luxury I cannot justify financially. So I ask am I being frugal? am I over thinking this? Do I “just do it”?

I have two historical patterns for the different paths I have traveled in life; young fun foot lose and fancy free (or tie dyed and barefoot), and responsible adult (with bland colours, and shoes). The fancy free me would have “just done it” without thinking, the responsible me would cancel and stay home and forget about it. This is a new experience, trying to combine the two.

What will I do? Do you really want to know what happens?


Life is good, my son is happy to be back at home with me, my daughter gets to be the center of the universe with her fathers family we are all safe where we are supposed to be. 

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