Sat Nite…

Published January 20, 2013 by emotionless brain

In continuation of my previous blog I chose to step out from the standard and had the Nanny come and stay with my son and I went to a movie and dinner with my girlie friend.

I am home now and I still feel guilty for having a sitter to go out (no like it was a date, just adult time). I feel guilty for not being with my son, why you say? Well when my son calls me at seven in the morning and says “Ima I am coming home, things are not going well” it is time to step up and validate and support my son. He has had so much turmoil in his short 11 years of life. I spent the day with him, he got mommie time time today and will have me all to himself tomorrow until 1600 when my daughter comes home, then the drama will begin. Oh and tomorrow is a school holiday, yes it is MLK day, and what is it exactly celebrating?

I remember as a kid there was no MLK day, we had Presidents Day to celebrate the different Presidents of the grand ole USA, but somehow MLK now substitutes that, and what is the deal with all the “teacher in-service days”, ok all you teachers out there what is you do on “teacher in-service day?”

Sorry another squirrel moment there.

So I went and saw the movie “This is 40”, while it had amusing parts I realized walking out that it did not seem as amusing because it in some ways depicted my life. I can imagine it it more amusing to people in the genres before and after 40 something, but it was too parallel with my daily life to much more than something that passed our time. In other words not a movie to write home about (and yet here I am blogging about it this is a real Homer Simpson moment) doh.

I am going to be I am tired.

Life is good the house is finally quiet again, all the animals are asleep, my son is dreaming of gumballs falling from the sky (or girls). Note to self next time I move my bathroom absolutely has to have a bath tub or jaccuzzi, I absolutely HATE not being able to take a luxurious soothing comforting bubble bath.

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