Urgent Care not so accurate

Published January 22, 2013 by emotionless brain

My son continued complaining throughout the weekend about his ankle hurting, so today we went to see a podiatrist, can you guess what they found? Yup an ankle fracture, I am so grateful we found this before soccer began, but frustrated the Urgent care missed it. My son will be in a cast for six to eight weeks, soccer season is over (before it began).

Since my son began playing soccer he stopped raging, now he cannot play soccer I dread his rages returning. He already is having a poor attitude in general. Since there was no school today I let one of his school friends spend the night last night, huge big mistake. His behavior was atrocious, lying, being sneaky, being disrespectful. I am sure his friend was embarrassed for him as well. I get showing off for friends but this went to a whole new level.

Just when I think we have hit a level of functionality he digresses back to total dysfunction. I am then reduced back to breathing lessons, in case you are unfamiliar whenever a situation gets difficult I remind myself to breathe, and keep breathing this too shall pass. I prefer when I do not have to do this, but it sure helps to get thru difficult times to do it than not.

I called my ex earlier today to inform him about the ankle fracture, I was so impressed with his intelligent response. When I said the boy has a broken ankle he replied “I thought the ER said it was sprained, how did this happen?” I wanted to reply “I strung him up by his feet, and tied the  restraints too tight, sorry”. Instead I had to explain (what I thought should have been common sense) that our son was still complaining of serious pain (not that you took the time to notice the 12 hours you had possession of him, and wrapped the bandage on his foot not his ankle) so I took him to a doctor to reassess it, and well the x-ray showed a fracture on the inside of the ankle. He will have to wear a boot cast for two months. This evening when he spoke to our son, he asked “will you be able to walk this weekend, we have already bought tickets to the game?” When my son told me this I wanted to scream, is it really necessary to make the boy feel guilty? While it is his fault it is broken, its not his fault!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lets think about this there are two adults going and three kids, gee could you maybe drop the other adult off at the door with the kids (so he does not have to walk so far), go park and then meet them? After the game you could go get your vehicle and pick them up at the door again instead of making the boy walk to and fro? Now my son has lost interest in going to this even he has been begging to go to for a while. Such and considerate father, does not even empathize or say how sorry he is that this happened. And I wonder why my son gets so pent up with emotions?

Tomorrow school will be back in session, we will fall back into our regular routine with a couple of modifications, my daughter will go to soccer practice, and my son will not. I told my son now is a good time to focus on school work to actually earn the video game system and games he wants. I can fantasize cant I?

Life is good, kids are tucked in bed with full bellies, animals are all asleep, I am going to turn in and hope for sweet dreams of fairies and dragons (my favorite kind of books to read).

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