Too tired to write this evening

Published January 25, 2013 by emotionless brain

I told my self earlier in the day I wanted to write this evening. I spent two hours tying to sort my sons mp3 player unduplicating the music and downloading new music he wanted. Now it is late and I am too tired, and my brain will hurt if I think too hard. I will write tomorrow, but in the mean time think about this subject:

Appreciation, for yourself and for others. This is something that makes or breaks any relationship personal or work. This does not mean you have to buy gifts, or spend monies. Appreciation can be expressed in a few simple words, and in body language. I will delve into this another time but in the mean time appreciate yourself and others and don’t forget the furries, feathers, scales and shells they need love too.


Life is good I am going to bed the kids are tucked in dreaming about gumballs falling from the sky (a long standing joke in our family), the puppies are dreaming about bones and stinky socks, birdies are dreaming about the fabulous breakfast I will feed them in the am.

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