Sibling rivalry

Published January 27, 2013 by emotionless brain

What is sibling rivalry? Why is it so tumultuous? Is it a necessary evil? I was an only child (now I am thankful for this), I have two children and I do not get it. I have a competitive side to me, but not about any and everything. If he touches me she has to hang on me, if she touches his seat he bullies her, if she crawls into my bed first he boo hoo’s about how no one likes him.


Does it really matter about all of this? Who gives a flying flip who touches who, and who tells who what first. There is so much more to fight about, and get mad about. I now understand why they say youth is bliss. Cause the only thing that matters when you are that young is warmth, food, and being first at everything without being touched by your sibling.

Life is good the kids are tucked in bed dreaming about picking flowers made of candy (bring on willy wonka), furbies are cozy. Lets see if I can get some decent rest.

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