Terrible Sunday

Published January 28, 2013 by emotionless brain

Today was not one of the better Sundays I have experienced. No small surprise, the kids spent a couple of hours with their father last night. My son woke up full of piss and vinegar, before I could even heat water to drink my required cup of tea he was running rampant acting like a heathen.

OMG, I wanted to scream, yell, shout, and stomp my feet. There are very few things I feel strongly about but this was one of them. His foot was still swollen from his father and wifeypoo making him walk from the furthest parking spot possible to the event they went to (oh and took the kids out for dinner too wow, McDonalds such an impression, barf puke poop). He was hungry, ravenous hungry, I had planned on making something special (I like to experiment and cook), while specific items were defrosting (about 20 min) I had my cup of tea. Meanwhile the kdis had a small nibble and drank chocolate strawberry milk (yelch). My son proceeded to continue being a heathen. Doing everything he was not supposed to do, refused to take his medicine, blah blah, blah.

I made a lovely breakfast it was an egg n turkey bacon croissant roll (kind of like a jelly roll), oh don’t forget the cheese. It was delicious, my daughter (who by the way used to love eggs but because her fathers wifeypoo forces her to eat them now refuses anything resembling egg or egg product) liked it, my son by this point was not allowed in the house to eat. You see when he starts acting so horribly he stays outside with the other animals (no I never say that to him, nor am I calling him and animal). I then went to my room watched a little tele and I guess I fell asleep briefly.

I woke pleasantly, and gently my mood having been refreshed/reset. I realized I still had a leg of lamb in the fridge (I bought from the used meat bin) and needed to cook it. My son came in and typically apologized for his horrible behavior, presenting with remorse but not really feeling it. I accepted, got up and started preparing dinner,  I have been craving cheesecake something fierce, I looked up recipes I had all the ingredients but a lemon. Anyone who cooks knows a good cheesecake has to have lemon juice and lemon grate. So much for that idea, then I realized I couldn’t make it anyway, you see I only have small counter top toaster type oven and was already cooking the leg of lamb.

I am sure you are asking what is “used meat”, that was a running joke with my parents the discounted/soon to expire meat we jokingly call “used meat”, I have gotten amazing pieces of prime meat for a fraction of the price. The trick is you have to use it immediately. This leg of lamb was originally priced at about $30, I got for $10 (otherwise I would not be buying leg of lamb, even though I grew up on it and love it). I now realize I do not have mint for it (mint jelly on leg of lamb is a comfort food for me, growing up it was required (not literally) to have green mint jelly with leg of lamb).

I hope this week will be better and more productive. I was notified Friday at 4pm that I was expected to be at a clients for a meeting Monday morning at 10am, thanks boss for the notice (you see another change I made last year was I stopped bringing my work home and working from home, it was one of the healthiest moves I have ever made).

Life is good, we about to have full happy bellies, and will go to bed not mad.

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