Published January 29, 2013 by emotionless brain

Why does everyone put so much emphasis on dating? I have come to the conclusion that dating is a black hole that sucks any and all resources. Dating is expensive financially, emotionally, and mentally. I get basic human physical need (especially after divorce), for me the scale tips in favor of going without that suffering with what it may take to full fill the “basic human physical need”.

Yes folks I am talking about sex, ok I came out and said it SEX SEX SEX. We all have a libido hidden somewhere, and have needs we think should be met. But really is it worth the hassle? A line form a song comes to mind “if the thunder don’t get you, than the lightning will”, people get pregnant using condoms how does that put my mind at rest that a disease will not get thru? When you have sex with someone you are having sex with everyone they have had sex with (and any cooties they may have shared). Add insult to injury I am now very allergic to latex, and news flash Lambskin in permeable, so why do I need to date? To feel validated? To feel good about myself?

While I am the type of person to learn from my experiences, I am not sure why attempting to date is worth any amount of investment. I could always take the HIGH road and convince myself there is no one out there good enough for me or my kids (it is a package deal now). Instead I will opt not to look for dating, but if it happens to jump in front of me unavoidably colliding into my path I will consider it, but only if I can manipulate it into my life without being disruptive to my already tumultuous life. You see I made a conscious choice after my divorce to put my kids first and foremost, absolutely nothing short of my sanity will be allowed to take priority over the care and needs of my children. I perceive dating to be a distraction (albeit a fun one), and easy to fall prey to mistaking my wants as priority over the kids needs.


Life is good the kids are tucked in bed dreaming of what it would be like if the world was composed of everything gummie (yum yum), the birds are asleep, and the dogs are chewing on chewies. I will have some soup and have a full belly to go to bed.

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