A day in the life of our foster bird

Published January 30, 2013 by emotionless brain

His name is Ollie, he is a Mulucan Cockatoo

All is quiet, suddenly the lights are on, and chatter is getting louder. Oh no the humans must be up, and it is before the sun so it must be what they call a “school day”. Gee I wonder if the little humans will do what they are told to do, I get tired of hearing the big human yell and get upset all the time. She is so much nicer and fun when things are amicable, when she has a good morning she spends more time with me.

I love every other day, because that is when the big human cuts up a big assortment on fresh fruit and veggies. Yum, yum I get all kinds of new and interesting treats. I miss my dad, but this family is more interesting too with the two little humans, and all the furry critters that poop in my room and eat my seeds and nuts and produce.

Well they have all left for many hours, what shall I do, hum I could sleep? Nah, just woke from a good night sleep. I know I will eat some of the yummy fresh stuff the big human gave me this morning, yum yum. Wow this sweet acidy yellow stuff is quite delectable, oh and do not forget that yellow orange sweet mushy stuff (pineapple and mango). I will save the long green things for later, and I will leave the yelchy green tree looking stuff for the furry critters (sugar snap peas, and broccoli).

Now that I have a full belly I think I will chew for a while, humpf this is some good wood, I wish the big human would leave this stuff for me all the time (while chewing on the window sill frame). I will take a nap, zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Where has the day gone, the little humans will be home soon, yea I like when there is chatter in the house. I see them walking up yahoo!!! That means the furry things will some clean up the mess I made with the food before the big human gets home (yes and poop in my room too, but the big human cleans that up nicely). When the big human gets home she will put me to bed, why does she always try to cover my cage, it is scary not being able to see everything.


I thought I would try something different. Not sure if I like this

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