Dog food labels are very misleading

Published February 3, 2013 by emotionless brain

I have always been rather anal about what dog food I buy. I had a cock-a-poo that lived for 19 years, and he was allergic to almost everything. I learned very early on with him about dog foods and how to interpret the labels. Today I went to Pets-mart (I normally shop at Pet-co  to purchase food, and was chatting with the “Blue Buffalo” person which I normally try to avoid. We looked in her little reference book about the ingredients of the plethora of products Blue Buffalo produces, and much to my surprise nearly all of their products have chicken or chicken by products hidden deep in them. I have found thru experience (and I have fostered a significant number of dogs too) that more dogs are allergic to chicken that not (I do not know about turkey, but I avoid it to be safe).

Well that probably explains why my current dogs and fosters are incessantly itchy (DOH). I was buying either Lamb and rice or Fish and oatmeal, who would have imagined the 8th product listed would be chicken fat. Apparently it is used to coat the “Life-source” bits in the food as they are the vitamins and require a little flavor enhancing.

So I found one product within the line that was fowl free, Salmon and potato, then come to find out the largest bag that comes in is 24 lbs  at the same price as the 30 lb in all the other flavours. Now I am googling and researching all the dog foods, and finding chicken hidden in most of them.

I cannot stand the sound of an animal “chewing” on them-self, it is as annoying as finger nails on a chalk board (onamonapia), and not healthy for the dog either. It will probably be back to the drawing board for dog foods and price shopping.


Life will be good in a couple of days when the dogs can stoppppppppppp chewing (if it is the chicken, if not I will drill it down till I figure it out), not my first rodeo here.

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