Phone call of my son and his thoughtful father…

Published February 3, 2013 by emotionless brain

This evening my son received a phone call from his father.

Father: you gonna watch the superbowl?

Son: no, mommie wont let me

Father: oh, who you want to win?

Son: Ravens

And now begins the drama, I was married to the man for nearly 10 years and during that time I never once watched a sports event on TV (that I can remember) I watched half time shows, but never a “game”. Why on Gods green earth did he have to call the boy and ask about watching something he knows good and well will not be even considered a watchable event in my house? So considerate, now my son has been reminded of what a mean mother I am that he cannot watch the superbowl. Leave out that kickoff is not until 1730, and bed time on a school night is 1930 (duh will the game be over in two hours?)

Hey ding dong next time think before you speak, you will have less negative impact in the world (oh that’s right you never did know how to do that did you?).


Life will be good, my son is going to bed mad and I will look forward to an unpleasant day tomorrow (I hope for it not to be unpleasant).


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