Wew, what a weekend

Published February 4, 2013 by emotionless brain

This weekend flew by fairly quickly, both kids stayed home from their fathers and neither had any planned activities. Yesterday we hung around the house most of the day, today I had to be at work at 0700 to conduct a training in service for some employees. The kids were real troupers they got up this morning, ate breaky got dressed and went willingly to the car. When we got to my destination they were well behaved (they usually are), we came home a veged out.

I needed to go to the bird store to get dry bird food, and while we were there the owner of the Bird Rescue was there, and so my son wanted to ask if we could possibly trade the current foster bird we have (a Moluccan Cockatoo) for a smaller bird. I told him he had to ask but I would be there and support him, so he did (a giant step for my son), and she agreed. So hours earlier someone had dropped off a beautiful little Quaker Parrot, claiming it fractured its beak during a fall, but upon closer exam there is a smooth line where it looks like someone cut the beak. This sweet little bird is now a special needs bird, it has no top beak, and so it is unable to eat its normal diet, not effectively climb around its cage. Its name is Sugar, and yes it can still try to bite, it tried when I went into the cage to see if it wanted out after I had turned off the lights. It is smaller than I was interested in, but if it makes my son happy I will sacrifice my wants to ensure his success.

Never got around to washing my car, going thru the mail, washing the dogs, nutin. Fiddlesticks, I did get a text from the kids father demanding my daughters soccer schedule immediately (as if I am keeping it a secret from him maliciously). To which I replied when I have it I will let him know (she just started practice two weeks ago), again he responded to get it to him ASAP. Gee are you trying to plan another one of wifeypoo’s parents free vacations?

Life is good, new foster special needs bird covered and sleeping, other birds unusually loud for this time of nite chirping up a storm, puppies all passed out (oh we went to the dog park yesterday for a couple of hours), kids sleeping dreaming of banana pudding (my son asked for it today), I am off to bed too.

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