Well the raging has begun…

Published February 5, 2013 by emotionless brain

It did not last long, not being in a physical activity for my son to burn his energy. This morning he ran out the door (to walk to school) yes broken ankle with a boot cast, did not take his medicine all because he did not want to do chores.

Interestingly enough I got a phone call form another parent who saw him walking and was nice enough to  give him a lift to school. Apparently he asked her to call and let me know (how funny), she did I explained to her, she gets my situation, and is a good person (never having  judged me for mistakes, and validating me at my lowest).

I got a phone call this afternoon from my daughter hysterical (does not take much for her, she is a drama queen) her brother allegedly punched her in the eye. Now I have always had a rule, do unto others as you would want done unto you, what that translates to in my house is if you are going to bite someone expect to get bitten back, or scratched, or punched, or whatever. There are many who disagree with my method on this, but it works, sometimes it takes a couple of times for it to work, but it has stopped a lot of the physical interaction between my kids to harm each other in anger. My son will tell you he fears this the most, and will not retaliate (unless emotions get the best of him) physically with his sister. Apparently today (probably having not taken his meds this am) he was not in control. So when I got home I pulled him into his room and gave him a choice (I really did not want to deal with a punch, I despise physical violence) go to bed now at 1900 and no electronics for a  a full week (no cell, no jazz pad, no mp3 player, he is already grounded from the TV for another 11 months), or leave the house. He looked at me with those hateful eyes trying to create alligator tears (does not work with me) and says angrily under his breath “FINE”. He chose to go to bed, he probably needed anyway. My daughter got an stern talking to about how it is not her job to correct her brother, or to take something away from him if it is not his, she is to go to the large and in charge adult and inform them of the problem and let the adult handle the discipline. Her job was to be a kid and have fun, not tattle tell, and not to enforce discipline or the rules.

I am so tired and stressed at work, I have been working at a clients site on interface issues and HL7 codes. Their system is not communicating properly with our system to provide seamless service (details not necessary). Mind you my exposure and knowledge to HL7 is limited, I know my system and how it functions, I do not know their system or how it functions, I do know this… Rome was not built in a day, there is a couple of years of  info and programming that has not bee n maintained and kept properly. It is rather unfair of our bosses to demand and expect the couple of hours we have spent each day working on this for the past week to have “fixed” even a measurable percentage of the problems. We have had great success drilling down into the problems and identifying what we think problems are, but the person I am working with has less knowledge of their system than I have of why some people have blue instead of brown eyes. That being said, fixing the problems has proven to be incredibly difficult. In the interim I have fallen two weeks behind on my other assignments, and we are doing month end closing Wednesday. Breathe, and breathe. Not my first rodeo…


Life is good, kids are asleep dreaming of gum balls falling from the sky with cotton candy clouds, feathers are all quiet, furbabies are snoozing. Bellies full, I am going to bed, I have an early day tomorrow.

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