Not much to say

Published February 18, 2013 by emotionless brain

I am feeling somewhat constipated in my thoughts. There is so much little stuff, that the noise level is getting too loud. I spent most of this weekend in bed with a massive headache.

My son stayed with me not wanting to go to his fathers (his choice and I support him), my daughter went (regretfully on my part, she came back a mess). When she was dropped of my her father he handed my son three birthday invitations and said this is the number of friends you can invite because your cousins will all be there (I asked what cousins because the number of cousins in my family and in his family is small and none of them would come), the reply was it’s all wifeypoo’s family. I protested that is not the kids family and who is the party for the kids or her family? Oh and by the way wifeypoo’s family is not “blood family” to our children. He still does not get it, especially since wifeypoo’s parents are again footing the bill.

I then had to break the news to my children that they are not allowed to invite friends to two parties, they can either have friends (if they would even go) to their fathers alleged party or the one I will have for them. I did not think it appropriate to invite friends to two birthday parties. Besides it will not be fair for them to pick three friends to maybe possibly have one show up (the party is a 30 min drive on a Sunday Morning at 1130, really. So they both decided they would attend wifeypoo’s family gathering, and have a PARTY with me. So now I have to figure a way to put on an amazing event. I actually was preparing to start ramping up preparations for my sons Bar Mitzvah next year. I have to get on the books at Shul, and start figuring a menu, and a party event to top all others (that I have had, not comparing to others, I cannot afford that).

I will write later in the week, I am not focused at the moment.


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