Another day another dollar…

Published February 20, 2013 by emotionless brain

I was chatting with an old high school friend on my drive home this evening, and I had an epiphany about life. Of course I can only speak for my own experiences, but five years ago I was doing a very similar job making $2 less an hour than I am making now. My cost of living has nearly tripled, how am I ever supposed to have extra, or get ahead?

I can not get funding for school because I “make too much money”, I cannot afford to pay for school because I do not make enough money (what is the point of going into debt with no end in sight). Now that I have mellowed some with age (in years past the ADHD prevented me from having success at secondary education), school is no longer an option.

I am feeling very defeated today. I was informed by one of my bosses that myself and two other people will be moving to another location in a different part of town. I am still trying to wrap my head around the logic (or there lack of), there are three people left in the “department”, one of which supposedly has other primary tasks for a “sister” company. Two of us will move to the other office a space that has six doors five of are occupied offices with other people, and now three more of us will be moving in too, when I asked the boss at that location where we would sit I was told, “don’t worry about it, we will figure it out later”. Meanwhile the boss at my current location has said pack up and move within a week. Nothing like being placated by the “whack a mole” master. Here is the most confusing to me, the three people in the “R” department (for red headed step children, my department) all have to share files, and certain documents (most of what are not electronic), how are we supposed to do this in multiple locations? Has anyone thought about logistics here? Clearly not, especially since one boss says pack and move in  a week (oh and do not fall be hind on daily tasks), and the other says well figure it out later. We have three full size lateral files full of necessary documents, and six vertical files full of necessary documents (not documents we need daily, but occasionally need to reference them),  where and how am I supposed to move all of this? I was unaware coordinating the moving of offices once a year was in my job description. Again one boss says within a week, the other says later.

So not only did I not get a two year review or pay increase, now I have to add an additional 30 min each direction to my drive for work (where I live it can take one hour to drive 10 miles) at $3.50 a gallon of gas it adds up quick.

The other location I will be moving to has a boss that is not only the “whack a mole” king, but he micromanages, and it drives me insane. he makes me feel as if I do nothing at work because I cannot explain why a task that “SEEMS” like it should take a few minutes in not what it “SEEMS” and takes longer by say a few days or more. I cannot breathe when I have to be in close proximity with that boss.

I am confident one other person I like in the company will not be long for the haul, I call him “little brother”, because we banter like brother and sister. We work great together, we challenge each other, we have fun. I expect to see him make an exit within a few months time.

Note to self, work on resume, put it out there ASAP.


Life is good, I am employed (at least for today), the kids are in bed dreaming of cotton candy clouds and gum balls falling from the sky. Feathers are tucked in dreaming of what plethora of fresh veggies they will get tomorrow, Furbies are almost asleep to dream of rawhide, all bellies are full and happy (I want Ice Cream).


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