Does it matter…

Published February 20, 2013 by emotionless brain

That my dear is the unanswerable question (depending on the situation). Sometimes yes it does matter, and it should not. Sometimes it does not matter and it should.

So a couple days ago I accidently saw an email on a coworkers desk top (completely accidental) of a very over sized robustly rotund man and it said “Ms M’s next husband” (I am Ms. M). First I in no way shape or form have any plans, or notions to get married again, tried it once rode that bull, and have decided probably not a good fit for me. Second, I do not discuss my personal life (especially not relationships) at work I do talk about my kids but that is it. But to ridicule someone (the robustly rotund man) for their size, and what was the correlation to me? I am 5’5″ 125lbs, a little background here this particular individual has from day one (when I hired her) had an attitude problem with me, she has on more than one occasion verbally attacked me (yes yelled and shouted in the middle of the office), unprovoked by me (and I know how to provoke, tee hee), In fact today she took to raising her voice a few notches because (I am no longer her supervisor, there is a god) I do not operate to her desires and schedule. I sat at my desk listening to her rant and rage about how she allegedly has been asking for MONTHS to be shown how to do something in the system (that she chose not to learn when everyone else was learning because “she did not like the system”). She only asked me about three weeks ago, and I told her that I needed to get ahead of another project before I would be able to devote time to re-train her, and last week I tried to show her how to do one of the tasks, she took notes and very quickly dismissed me from her space claiming she understood how to perform the task. Today she boo-hooed to the owner that I only spent a minute or two showing her “one little thing”, she needs “SOME REAL TRAINING”.

Does it matter? Should it matter?


Note to self update resume and put it out there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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