Down then back up again

Published February 21, 2013 by emotionless brain

This morning I was feeling so defeated, I conversed with a friend on my way to work and she helped validate me and reminded me of my own strength and ability that I walked into my office with my head high and did not allow anyone to see how upset I was about all the crap and misbehavior’s. I was on pins and needles awaiting one of the bosses to say something about Ms. Thing raising her voice again yesterday, like always nothing. Not even an apology, admittedly I have probably made a few snide comments (it is in my nature) but I wear big girl panties I dish it and I take it.

Then came the email from one of the bosses informing me that it was expected for me to train Ms. Thing, because she who boo hoos’ the loudest and speaks the most incorrect english will always win the sympathy game. I replied that I was unable to perform as requested due to a hostile environment (oh and by the way I have already shown her how to do what she is asking to be shown to do again, and she has the notes to prove it and I have a witness) and it is evident that there is nothing I can do to appease Ms. Thing.

She has now taken to lying on me, today someone asked her if she still had the headset for the new phone system, she loudly replied “no, I lent it to Ms. M and SHE NEVER RETURNED IT“. Not factual girlie!!! You could not get it to work, or it wasn’t simple enough for you to use, so you gave it to me to figure out (not rocket science) when I did you did not want it anymore (such a material girl) so I left it with Little Brother.

Then the boss sends an email to both of us and another boss stating that we will sit down together and she will be trained by me (why force a volatile situation into a closed space?). I waited a few hours after her nicey nice thank you to the bosses direct order for me to train her, and replied with three different time slots tomorrow that I am available to avail myself to hold her hand again and show her again how to do her job that she should already know how to do (we have been in this system for a year now). I cc’ed all the bosses, I also reminded her to bring her notes from previous trainings and any questions she may have about how to operate in the system, we will see tomorrow what fur will fly and what fur will go unscathed. Question to self, do I be myself? or do I fake it till I make it? To be myself she will have to yet again learn that if you dish something you have to be able to take it (I can provoke without someone even knowing it), ask a stupid question and you get a stupid answer.

Why does this bother me? Should it bother me? Historically I have not had the control, maturity, experience, and finesse to handle these types of situations unscathed (yes I usually was the one being fired). I guess I growed up some, and learned some lessons.



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