It is only Thursday, argh

Published March 1, 2013 by emotionless brain

I cannot believe it is only Thursday, I really want this week over. I want Saturday morning so I do not have to hear the alarm, I can wake naturally as my body desires. I have not had a decent nights sleep yet this week. I am tired.

So today brought more moving saga at my office. I worked at the old place till 1630, when I turned off my cpu, and began breaking down to move it. By 1700 I was packed and ready for the movers, 1715 no movers, I called the moving company to be found out they were an hour to an hour and a half away (no surprise, moving companies are notoriously late). A co-worker called one of the bosses, to ask them what to do. He immediately popped off with “you have to stay there is no other option” (emphasis on NO OTHER OPTION), I washed my hands of the subject at that point. Please indulge me to iterate that yet again the management of this company has shown themselves for the selfish, self-centered egotistical individuals that they are, by showing the employees that they are as devoted and dedicated to the good of the company by availing themselves without reservation. So now two employees (one hourly and one salary) have yet again been subjected to abuse by this particular boss. Knowing what I know about this boss he is probably either out with his friends having a grand time, or at home with a girlie friend. He definitely is not being a positive role model or an appropriate leader of a company that shows value to its employees.

Then at 1845 my phone rings it is the employee at point A, informing me that the movers can only dismantle and move my desk, they cannot reassemble because it mounts on the wall and will require “drilling”. I am intrigued to find out what piece of used broken garbage they will dig out of a dumpster for me to use as a desk in the corner where I have been assigned to work.

On a different subject I am also anxious I allowed my daughter to go to an event with her father this evening. She will not be home until 2300, and yes she has school tomorrow. This weekend my son is actually going to his fathers, my daughter will stay with me.

I WANT ME TIME!!!!!! and a pedicure, and vanilla ice cream (nectar of the gods)Life is good I am employed (but looking for other options), feathers are sleeping dreaming of what yum yums they will get for breakfast, furbies are snoring dreaming about digging holes in the back yard, my son is passed out probably dreaming about the girlies at his school, I am ready for my daughter to be home in bed so I can study the inside of my eye lids.

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