sumin funny

Published March 1, 2013 by emotionless brain

Sally was with her foursome of ladies at the golf course, ready to tee off from the ladies tees. She sliced the ball, and to her horror it flew at a group of male golfers. It hit one of the men, who immediately placed both of his hands at his crotch, hollering out in pain. The man bent down, them fell to the ground, still clutching his hands at his crotch.

Feeling terrible about it, she went over to the fallen man, exclaiming how sorry she was, asking if there was anything he could do. The man was still writhing in agony, but managed to say between clenched teeth that he would be ok.

Sally assured him that she was an ER nurse, and was experience in dealing with injures, and felt she could ease his pain. She knelt down beside the injured man, undid his belt and slid her hand inside his pants and gently massaged him, saying “now, now, doesn’t that feel better.”

The injured man said, “yeah, it feels great, but I think my thumb is still broken.”

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