Tutu, our foster dog

Published March 3, 2013 by emotionless brain

Tutu is a small short-haired chihuahua that has lived with us for six months. I know absolutely nothing about what her previous life was like. She is house trained, kid trained, socialized, but not multiple gender trained (she does not like men). Every night at bed time my kids fight over who Tutu will sleep with, and I always say Tutu goes where  Tutu wants, she will sleep where she wants to, and sometimes Tutu will sleep half the night with one child and then go to the others bed. My son is desperate for a dog to call his own, Tutu for all intents belongs to my kids (admittedly she is a foster failure). She lives for my kids, plays with both of them differently, she lets my daughter put build a bear clothes on her and then models them, with my son she rough houses and loves it.

When Tutu sleeps with my daughter she prances atop the pillows (her bed is full of them) and demands undivided attention, with my son she crawls under the covers and snuggles. When she sleeps with me she crawls under the covers and is a bed warmer.

Yesterday the pest control guy came, and Tutu freaked, growling, and lunging. It was quite hysterical, she will not allow a man to touch her, she will bite.

Tutu always has warm loving tail wags and kisses. We love you Tutu, life is good with and for Tutu.


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