My kids birthday

Published March 5, 2013 by emotionless brain

I know I have written about this before, but it is really bothering me.

Last weekend my daughter stayed with me and my son went to his fathers (alone). It was a nice change of pace, even though I worried about my son the entire time, and yes I got the expected phone call early Sunday morning to get my son early from his visit. His father was called out to work, and leaving my son with wifeypoo is not good decision making.

So in two weeks the alleged party the kids father is allegedly hosting for my kid’s birthday celebration will occur. My kids were each given three invitations to invite their friends. The first thought I have is why if it is a birthday party for the kids were they only allowed to invite three friends each? The answer I have learned to that question is because wifeypoo has invited all of her family including all of her nieces and nephews that there was not enough space for the kids friends. Apparently wifeypoo’s parents are also footing the bill. The next question that comes to mind is who is the party for wifeypoo’s family or my kid’s birthday? The next thought that comes to mind is what a schmuck their father is to allow wifeypoo to take away his own children’s birthday celebration and make it about her and her family (not even family to the kids) Sorry I do not consider wifeypoo’s cousins, nieces, and nephews “family” to my kids, especially when she continues to estrange my kids from their father. Remember this party was 100% coordinated at their convenience, and is in another town that is a 30 min drive (each way), as if my kids friends parents are going to drive to another town 30 min to drop kids off at a party only to have  to turn around and go back a few hours later? just how I want to spend a Sunday driving for two hours (round trip twice) to take my kids to a party being hosted by people I do not know. News flash wifeypoo, my kids lost interest in your party a long time ago, the only reason they are going is to get what ever cheeky gifts they may get, otherwise they would not even make an appearance.

My son has decided he wants me there, fully his choice. Yesterday I get a text from wifeypoo “telling” me how ant what to do regarding the kids for that specific weekend. She will pick both kids up that Friday and return them on Sunday. She does not want me to “have to drive down there” to bring my son on Sunday. I explained to her it is my sons request, and the only way he will attend, he wants me there and would not even discuss attending without me agreeing to take him. Her response was “the kids father will talk to them tonight”. OOOOOO I am shaking in my boots. The phone call came, and typical spineless, sap, could not even control the conversation or change my sons mind (good boy, stand true to what you want and believe).

Oh and one more jab she tried to take was to mention that they know about the party I am planning for my kids, really? Is that supposed to intimidate me? They are my kids, and are allowed to have their own real birthday celebration, not the farse you are trying to present. Especially since I have sole conservatorship, and primary custody, another news flash wifeypoo “my kids, my choice (I will keep the rest of what I want to say to myself no forked tongue here). While you carry the title stepmother, you are not their mother, no matter how much you hate me (still do not know why) you will never replace me, even if I died my kids do not like you no matter how hard you try, or how big the trials and tribulations are between my kids and myself you will never be able to buy or convince my kids to turn against me. I am strong and so are my kids (guess where they get it from).

Yes I am having a real birthday celebration for my kids where they are allowed to invite as many friends I can afford to pay for from my pocket. I will pinch and rub pennies to ensure my kids are provided the celebration they deserve! The day will be focused on the kids and celebrating their birth, after all they are kids, birthdays are important. Sadly I will be limited on gifts due to having to host a somewhat extravagant party.  I have decided on a laser tag and arcade venue.

Life is good, everyone fur feathers and kids are waking to a new day!!!!

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