When do I put my foot down?

Published March 8, 2013 by emotionless brain

This morning on the way to my daughters school, she broke down and began to cry telling me she is miserable when she goes to her father’s house. Yes she gets her way, and usually whatever she wants, but she is realizing the hard way the agony and suffering that goes along with that is more torture than it is worth.

Apparently wifeypoo thinks she is above the law, when she and ex tried to sue me for custody of my kids and lost I took advantage of the open case and added a few rules. First, she is not allowed to make disparaging remarks about me to or in front of my kids, two she is not allowed to make disparaging or bigotry remarks to or in front of my kids about their religion. Before my ex and I got married, we had a conversation about if we ever had kids, I am jewish and he is non-denominational, in fact he does not do religion at all. We agreed together that if we had kids they would be raised Jewish, in the Old Testament it says the religion of the mother dictates the religion of the children. Fast forward to today, ex marries a bigot who is small-minded (and insignificant to me), but repeatedly feels the need to harrang my children about religion, trying to brain wash them that they are “half christian”. It is almost as if she is trying to take my children, not like she took my ex, I ended things a few years before they hooked up. Is she so weak that she cannot make her own path she has to try to take over someone elses?

Squirrel moment, sorry back to the subject

While we are not religious fanatics, we are proud of who and what we are. These are my children from my loins, it is my decision how to raise them, and it is not wifeypoo’s place to try to turn my children against me. My children get exasperated to constantly hear at every visit to their fathers how they are “half Christian”, and  how “stupid” Jewish customs are.

So the question is do I step in and restrict my children’s visits with their father to not include wifeypoo? Can I do that? Sure I can send a “cease and desist” letter, with the next step being a letter from my lawyer, then on to court (all for a hefty price tag). All the while my children being subject to bigotry, abuse, and closed mindedness.  Making my life miserable, the transition back and forth is taking its toll on all of us. The kids do not like it and neither do I.

I do not like negativity, and anger surrounding me. Wifeypoo is an angry person, I try not to be. Isn’t there enough hostility and violence in the word?

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2 comments on “When do I put my foot down?

    • While it it my desire for my children to be Jewish, I love my children no matter what they choose when they are mature enough to make that kind of decision. In the interim I do not appreciate my ex allowing his wifeypoo being openly anti-semitic towards our children. It was my understanding it is a parents job to protect their young? He is fired from his job!!!!!

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