Sugar, our foster Bird and our menagerie of animals

Published March 11, 2013 by emotionless brain

Sugar is a Quaker Parrot (would not have been my choice if I purchased), whose previous owners cut his beak. You read correctly they cut his top beak, allegedly they claimed he Fx it in a fall, but it is a clean-cut across his top beak. This little bird is a survivor, and a hearty little critter too. I say he, I do not know what sex, nor am I going to pay for DNA. Sugar eats like there is no tomorrow, he loves his assortment of yummies I feed. Dry is an assortment of seed, different brands of pellet, dried fruits, nut meats (he has no beak to crack a shell), all mixed together. Fresh he gets my chunk version of chop, varied day-to-day. Banana, apple, carrots, corn (kernel and cob), zucchini  various squash, pasta, varied beans, chicken, fish, egg, mango, pineapple, kiwi, grapes, bell peppers, cucumber, papaya, well you get the idea. Grains, cuscus, quinoa, oatmeal, occasional non-sweet breads, rice, etc.

This bird is a character, he actually will not let anyone touch me if he is near me, including my kids and the dogs. He will chase them all away. He is not too cuddly (good and bad), but he almost always steps onto my finger without a problem. Sometimes he tries to protest, but usually he is eager to come to me. He will not step up for my son, in fact he tries to bite him, if you can imagine, it is quite funny to watch. My son gets in such a wad when the bird attacks him or his shirt sleeve which is what he presents for the bird to step on. I have tried to guide my son on different ways to handle the bird, all without success.

This bird may have had a decent life before he was in excellent feather when he was dropped off at the bird rescue. He remains in perfect feather, although he is not so fond of a shower (he is small and not much dust so I do not push the issue). Now this bird is living like a king, he is in an open cage three times his size (the cage sized for a mid-sized bird like a small grey, or an amazon), the cage is open all day, and sits next to a big cage that used to house my Muluccan Too. Sugar is only put inside his cage with the door closed at night with a sheet to cover the cage (more for his own safety and security). There are lots of toys, but he does not play much, I guess without a beak he is rather limited, they are there none the less. When we leave the house I always leave music on for all the birds to listen to. When I get home in the evening Sugar is always chirping to me, I can hear the difference in his chirp from when I am outside and he cannot see me to when I open the door and he sees me. His cage is right near the front door. When he sees me, he crawls as fast as he can to the top of his cage and starts prancing on the play top, making happy noises, waiting for me to greet my kids, then the dogs, then he gets his. I pick him up, scritch his head, say hello, give him a kiss, he is happy, that is all he needs (or wants).

In the mornings when I come from my bedroom before I turn on any lights I uncover his cage, I then turn the light on, open his cage, say good morning, reach in for him to step up, before I put him on top I gently kiss his little head. He has never tried to bite are me when I kiss him (yes I have been bitten while trying to kiss a bird), he rather seems to like it. Then I go about my morning routine, after shower, getting dressed, lots of yelling at the kids, I go to the kitchen to prepare foods. At this point I hear Sugar, he makes a different sound when it is feeding time. I have a feeding routine, first  to be fed are the Budgies Lemon and Stripes, next to those boys is Butter an unloving Love Bird, next to her is Lasker an African Hingeback Tortoise, then to my bedroom to feed Bleu a Blue Indian Ring-neck, then Sugar (I layer the food in one bowel who gets fed what). Sugar also gets whatever may have been missed when feeding the others, last but not least our foster failure Poodle Boogey, he demand a serving of fresh produce and loves it, he eats most of it what he leaves Leggs the foster pug mix chows on. I try not to feed the puppies table food, but if I make oatmeal for breakfast I always make extra for the dogs. Boogey will eat an entire bell pepper, weird but true. Tutu the foster Chi will not touch produce, Lucy the foster Poodle will grab it as if to eat and when she realizes what it is she spits it out.

Then it is time to put everyone away for the day, Lucy usually goes into a kennel, Tutu into another kennel, Leggs, Mister, Andy, and Shadow are in the back yard, Boogey is inside with a diaper. Funny I never have a problem getting everyone where they belong, the kids on the other hand cannot get the dogs where they are supposed to go.

Upon exiting the house I always say good-bye to Sugar and tell him to have a good day. I know for a fact Boogey hangs out under Sugar’s cage and Bleu’s cage, they are the messy eaters, and the only ones that throw food. Amusing that Sugar will crawl to the floor and chase after the dogs, he does not fear them at all. He will charge at one of them as if to say mine go away. Least I forget Boogey  gets an almond (yes whole) he loves to crack and eat them. I only give him one every couple of days (maybe not good for his aged teeth, he is nearly 10 yo).

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2 comments on “Sugar, our foster Bird and our menagerie of animals

  • Aww, Sugar sounds terribly cute. I really like Quakers – it’s sad about his beak… But he really does sound like he lives like a king now! I’m jealous that he’ll eat well. At least our picky eater has developed a taste strawberries, these days…

    • Have you tried tricking, for example try feeding his new foods in a different dish, or one of the other birds dishes. Or let him in the other birds cage for a snack while that bird is in another room. I also have found that birds like to share, so pretend to take a bite and offer to him. Good luck!!!

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