Published March 17, 2013 by emotionless brain

Today i purchased a pop at a bowling/gaming/laser tag venue. The charge was $3.19 (for a 24oz drink, that was disturbing enough). I handed the pimply faced girlie a $20 and said i have ¢19, dug for a second in my change pocket but could only produce three pennies. So i handed her ¢20, she then had the audacity to ask “do you want your one cent” as she was handing me the $17 in bills.
I paused, as if to say… and then said. Umm, (looking her in the eyes) yes i absolutely want my penny.

Life is good, I am sitting at an ungodly noisy place, about to go into total sensory overload, to appease my son. Today is the birthday party hosted by wifeypoo that was too filled up with her family to allow space for my children (whose party it is supposed to be) to invite their own friends. I will finish this post and work on my portable
needlepoint (I have big needlepoint at home, and small for mobility)


So please excuse any misspellings and or typos.

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