An unpleasant topic

Published March 22, 2013 by emotionless brain

When I talk to one of my friends about wifeypoo, my friend keeps telling me “you are so angry”. I feel compelled to dissect this now.

First I am happy for my ex-husband if he has truly found happiness, second his finding someone took  a load off me (he no longer was calling me talking to me about his life, etc). The fact that I gave her the nick name I did is evident alone I have discontent or discord for her,I nick named her “wifeypoo”. My discord for her is solely based on how she treats my children when they visit their father.

In case you have not read previous ramblings let me offer a little background. I am Jewish, before my ex and I were married we responsibly had the e discussion about religion if there were children, and that I wanted my children raised Jewish (that is what the Old Testament teaches the mother determines the religion of the children), he was raised non-practicing christian but has chosen as an adult religion was not for him. We had an agreement that any children born to us would be raised practicing Judaism. Wifeypoo, apparently is a Christian that uses religion as a tool to suit her need in the moment, and a bigot too. While I live my life as my foundation has taught, not to judge people until you know them, least of all by their heritage (Judaism teaches acceptance of any and all), wifeypoo angers me because she inflicts her small, closed-minded stupidity on my children.

She makes inappropriate disparaging remarks to my children about me personally, and continuously berates the kids about how they are “half Christian”, and never stops making comments about how Jewish customs and rituals are “stupid”. To me the word stupid is mean and ugly, re-enforcing the small and closed mindedness bigotry comes from.

How do I protect my children from this unnecessary exposure to such a negative aspect of life? I begin by trying to teach my children acceptance, love, appreciation for all the differences in the world. Then a spoonful of sugar, with lots of love and warm fuzzies.

Currently they only seem to be learning how to lie, steal, cheat, manipulate, and make bad decisions. Is there any reason why I get frustrated?

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