Published March 23, 2013 by emotionless brain

Kwabena Dwomoh

The word “idiot” is derived from the Latin root “idiota” meaning “an ignorant person.” Currently, this word applies to a person who is mentally deficient and incapable of common reasoning. Many other words used as synonyms include: imbecile, dunce, dolt, blockhead, fool, dullard, halfwit, dope, and cretin. Whereas these words are sometimes used to replace the word “idiot,” none of them is an exact substitute of idiot. For example, an idiot is distinguished from an imbecile in its mental age. An idiot is considered as having 3 years’ mental age or an IQ less than 20, while an imbecile is considered as having 7 years of mental age with an IQ in the range of 25 to 50. In 1911, 2 French psychologists, Alfred Binet and Theodore Simon, devised the intelligence test and considered an IQ of 70 as normal, an IQ over 130 as gifted, and an IQ below 30 as…

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