An un pleasant conversation…

Published March 25, 2013 by emotionless brain

My son told me the other day that one day when he was walking to school he was picked up by someone we know. Apparently I do not know them as well as I thought, because when she picked up my son, she allegedly berated him (that is according to my son, who unfortunately has been known to lie). Again allegedly threatening to call CPS, and grilled my son about why he does not go and live with his father, and how I am a horrible parent for allowing such a delicious child such as himself to walk to school.

I have always known this individual has a tendency towards the neurotic and obsessive scope of things, I have never judged her for this. In fact I have found it refreshing that someone else besides myself worries about things that may or may not be worth the energy spent worrying. The next paragraph will clear up some of the vagueness here.

I was fit to be tied at the audacity of Mrs N. to speak to my child in such a manner, and to berate him like that. (Keep in mind while I am not Orthodox, I do live in an Orthodox neighborhood, and it is too long of a story how we landed here to go into now. Another story for another time). I called her she had given my son her phone number (in case he ever needed help). I asked her if she picked up my son, she said yes, I then point-blank asked if she threatened to call CPS, she said no. Then proceeded to tell me a story about how when she was a young child she called CPS on her own parents (as if I really care to hear he brag about that), she then proceeded to talk about how America is a leading country in the sex trade industry. That she will not allow her children out of her sight unaccompanied in public, and how one day she walked into her house and found her nanny blow drying her hair while her (Mrs. N.’s) 3yo was playing in the living room and how the child could have crawled onto a piece of furniture and fallen and gotten hurt so she snatched her child up and now will not leave the child with the nanny unless she is there to monitor. Blah blah blah, by this point I knew I would not get a word in so I let her tirade on, when she was done I asked are you finished? She said yes, I then said “my turn to speak”, and began providing her the facts of the situation. She tried to cut me off by saying “I called your brother about ht is too”. Sorry a little history here, one of my three half brothers that I did not grow up with and that all despise and begrudge me lives two blocks away, and has been instrumental in making my life more complicated that it needed to be. I guess Mrs. N. thought she would accomplish something by calling this person, who loved sucking any and all lashon horah (gossip) he could from this person. Her accomplishment is that now I will have to have a grueling conversation with him about the scenario, oh and she offered that if I ever needed a break she would more than welcome my son into her family. More history here, a few years ago I was not in a good place and decided I was not able to provide for my children, so they (my two children) lived with a family temporarily until I could pull out of the funk I was in. My daughter only lived there a couple of months, my son he was back and forth a couple of times over a year and a half. I politely said to Mrs. N. “I appreciate your offer, but I am raising my own children from now on”.

I asked my half-brother if he got a phone call from Mrs. N., he said yes that she was worried about your son. I explained to him that she over stepped the boundaries.

I am deep in thought how and what to do with this experience. I will blog when I know mt decision.

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