is knowledge power?

Published April 1, 2013 by emotionless brain

Early this am my ex-husband called asking if he could pick up the kids and take them to his in-laws for an Easter egg hunt. I asked both kids if they wanted to go, they did so we got dressed and ate breakfast (early, early). While we were waiting for Daddy to come we researched Easter and the meaning of it on the internet.

Why you ask did we do this? The kids were about to go and spend a Christian Holiday with wifeypoo the bigot, so what better opportunity to learn about what my Jewish children are berated with allegedly being half of. We found that Easter is the celebration of the resurrection of Christ, we also found significant documentation about how Easter has essentially been bastardized by the Western world by being made overly commercial.

My daughter came home complaining that now her Paternal Grandma is harranging them about being half-christian. But the kids were comfortable in the knowledge that not one of the adults they spent this Christian Holiday with had any knowledge of what the actual religious meaning is of Easter.

Life is good, knowledge allowed my children the power they needed to realistically get thru today with total confidence.


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2 comments on “is knowledge power?

  • Too bad “religion” gets in the way of so many things. It’s a day to remember the gift of love and forgiveness that we can all share with one another, no matter what label others put on you.

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