Gardening + Kids = FUN!

Published April 10, 2013 by emotionless brain



As a mom of 3 eager little gardening helpers, I’m here to tell you that WHAT you grow with your kids is far less important than HOW you grow it.   So let’s get the ‘what’ out of the way – tomatoes, beans and cucumbers grow quickly to satisfy those microscopic attention spans, and are also infinitely pick-and-eatable from the vine.  They’re easy to start, forgiving to tuggy little hands, super delicious and packed with vitamin C and fiber.

Teaching kids to connect with their earth, understand the scientific process of plant growth, appreciate that creating good, whole food takes time, and see tangible results for time spent are only a few benefits that come from gardening with your kids.  No yard?  No problem.  No deck?  No excuse!  A single pot and a bright sunny window can get you going.  Whether you’re planting a plant or an acre, try these tips…

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