nothing is getting done at work?

Published April 10, 2013 by emotionless brain

Today there was an impromptu meeting regarding collections, we were told that the owner was not happy with the numbers  (last month the total number was 505943.44, as of today the new number is 372266.97). There are three people in the “billing department”, of those three people only one is full time billing, the one is about 50/50 billing to other tasks, the third is 30% billing and 70% other stuff (the last one is me). Some of my duties include figuring out problems, and creating training, sometimes I even get to do the training (depending on one of the bosses moods), I am part of IT, but it is not really IT (it is maintaining the data that is in the system, adding, changing, inactivating, etc), someone else (I call him little brother) is the computer wiz at the company, lets see what else am I accountable for… Credentialing (some of it), I am expected to have knowledge of all three locations owned by the same company (two of the three work in the same antiquated jacked up system).

In the 30% of my time spent on billing, I verify all billing info before I input all new charges (it is a manageable amount for one person), post all insurance payments. One of the categories I was assigned to had a difference of  25510.54 in 26 days. That was 100% all by my self, while auditing the previous four months charges to capture any missing charges, and staying current with current charges, etc, etc.

So to be told “nothing is getting done” really chaps me, oh and lets not forget when it was time for my annual review I was told ” maybe later not now”. I can hear someone (you know who you are) saying, you are in control. Finish your resume and put it out there already. Easier said than done on a plethora of levels…

It will get done sooner than later. Life is good for today I am employed, the kids are well, the critters are all well too.




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