why can’t I

Published April 19, 2013 by emotionless brain

Put my damn resume together. The past couple of weeks have been constipating to my ability to express my self. It has been the typical roller coaster with my son. His therapist is trying to convince me to ask his Psychiatrist for “anti-psychotic”, because he is back to having rages. In a rage he broke the bathroom window, trying to get out. He could not get his way, packed a bag as if to “run away” because he was busted in a lie and could not get his way.

I told the therapist anti-psychotics were not an option, I have researched long and hard. While I do not enjoy my sons emotional roller coaster, to obliterate his senses is not an option. As it is he does not like his ADD meds, he says they slow things down, make it kids of dark. He will hate anti-psychotics.

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2 comments on “why can’t I

  • Wish I had some brilliant words of wisdom, for you. Take that extra deep breath and stand by your son. Some day, not today and probably not tomorrow – but someday, he will remember and he will be so very, very thankful. Sending thoughts of strength and peace to both of you.

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