It has been a while and a lot has happened..

Published May 9, 2013 by emotionless brain

I do not know where to begin. Today I was offered a job after a five-minute telephone interview. Holly molly my head is spinning, my muse’s response was “there may be greener pastures, but in good conscience you (I) cannot pass up this opportunity”. For the past four months I have been miserable at work, the company I work for has been sold back to the people it was purchased from three years ago (kinda weird, but true). I am not sure if it will be worse, better or the same but different (unbalanced, no morale, no drive, no advancement, etc).

I started my research into the job offer, the base salary will be matched, the bonuses are very transparent (what bonus structure isn’t), 401k (unsure if matched), they would not answer my other detailed questions until I accept the position and get on board. There is medical, and probably dental and vision. In a perfect world, if everything went fantastically my take home will be slightly more than my current position, I think there is room for advancement, and a future for this company.

So I ask why and I hesitant to jump at this opportunity? I have spent the better part of the past eight hours weighing pros and cons, clearly in the little bit I have mentioned here there is way more pros than cons. I will accept the position, I need to figure out why I am not ecstatic about it, duh maybe I have hit exhaustion from all the other drama going on in my life (if only it was as interesting a soap opera).

I will explain the other drama in another post, I am sure you can guess the subject matter? Have you read my other posts? What is the primary source of trauma and drama in my life?


Life is good, I am employed with a better job offer on the table.


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4 comments on “It has been a while and a lot has happened..

  • Great news!
    It’s a challenge to step out of our comfort zones, even if our comfort zones are uncomfortable.

  • Change is always scary, so maybe that’s where your discomfort is coming from. But maybe your gut is telling you not to get too excited until you’re actually doing the new job, because as you’ve probably experienced in the past, jobs are always a bit different from what we expect or even the way they are presented. But heck, if this new one turns out not to be perfect for you, you can start looking again, right? At least you’re making progress by leaving a job that makes you miserable.

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