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Published May 21, 2013 by emotionless brain

I will probably decline the job offer, come to find out there is a greater expectation than I am willing to fulfill. The company has an expectation that the account managers meet with each and every client at least once a month (there would be 46 clients assigned to me), while mileage is reimbursed a company car may be indefinitely unavailable. I am not willing to use my pov for daily work. It was validating to get the job offer.

I have faith the greener grass with come for me.

Last week at my current job they let the other person in my department go, I am the only one left in the office. It is hard to have any type of security in my job, even though I survived all the cuts, it does not feel good.

Life is good, I am still employed all the furbabies are happily dreaming about chewises, feathers are dreaming about what they will get in their chop tomorrow morning, and bipeds will my daughter dreams of chocolate rivers and lollipop trees, I do not know about my son he has been gone for over a month (a story for another post.)

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