failure is not an option

Published May 22, 2013 by emotionless brain

Why am I opening with that as a title? I dunno, it felt good to say it (no I am not a superfluous person, if I was you would not be reading this)

My son has only been home a few hours in the past month. He chose to go live at his uncles house, and now does not want to come home. I grapple with should he come home, or leave him where he is. He is in a safe place, it is a healthy environment (for him), I miss him, and want him home. The million dollar question is what is best for all of us?


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2 comments on “failure is not an option

  • We always know what is best for our kids, though it gets less vivid for them to believe that as they grow up. Most often than not, heartbreaking. As if our intentions needs to be justified “validly”, for them to find it acceptable and pro “them” than us. We maybe wishing at times they remained toddlers, as there were easier convincing statements or none at all and they believe, trust, agree and follow. I guess, no one would never understand a parent, a mom especially. It comes in a special gift package – all in, no strings attach and unconditional – lifetime guarantee.
    Hope you’ll feel better 😊

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