Decision made

Published May 25, 2013 by emotionless brain

Since my last post about employment there has been two changes. At my nephews Bar Mitzvah I met a “head hunter” aka placement agency, who connected me with a one doc practice looking for someone like me. The previous job offer that I wrote about made every attempt to meet my requests increasing salary offer, company car for all the driving required for the position, etc. I spent some time weighing pros and cons of both positions, in different ways they were both very balanced positions, this was a life altering decision, while my job does not define who I am, it does contribute and is an anchor to my well being.

I chose to go with the “safe” job (as I have labeled it) in the MD office. Historically I would have not made that decision, I lived more on the edge seeking the challenges welcoming and even inviting difficulty. I guess tribute to my growing up or becoming more mature, whatever I chose “safe”.

I tendered my two week resignation to my current employer Friday at the close of the day. That was another difficult task, this week has been full of difficult tasks and decisions. My head hurts for it too.

It is Shabbat afternoon, my son still will not come home, my daughter is at a friends house playing, I think I will study the inside of my eye lids.


Have a safe and pleasant weekend.

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