It is official

Published May 28, 2013 by emotionless brain

June 7th will be my last day as a full-time employee with my current employer. Today they tried to make me feel guilty for leaving, which I informed them that two weeks ago I approached them about this subject and will put off. So not to myself a disservice I had to take the other job offer (you snooze you looze).

I am the type that takes total ownership in my employment, I am apprehensive that they do not nor will they have anyone to replace me, much less in time for me to transfer my knowledge to. Oh well, I cannot make their problem my problem.

Since I am the only one left in the office it is hard to get much done during the day. With the phones ringing non-stop, everyone needing answers, I barely was able to get a list of clients employees programmed with correct securities before a 1300 in-service to show them how to use our web portal. Not sure if I were to stay how I would ever get billing done, I can barely breathe much less focus on anything.

Note to all you employers, while it is important to keep employees busy and on task, down time is necessary too. If an employee is kept 90 to nothing busy 100% of the time, they burn out, become less productive, and care less about the work they produce, potentially impacting business. I am so tired, for the past six months being pushed and pushed, I have nothing left to give (to work or to myself).

Hopefully the new job will (and I expect it to) have a better understanding that the goal is not to work someone as hard and fast as you can, but sometimes slow and steady is a good thing.


Life is good, I am employed, feathers and furbabies are all safe. My daughter is asleep in bed dreaming of chocolate rivers and lollipop trees, I do not know what my son is doing (he is still living at my brothers house, no plan to come home).

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