My son is very frustrating

Published May 30, 2013 by emotionless brain

I took my son to a follow up appointment this am (was not very effective because he has not lived with me for close to six weeks now). Apparently yesterday he did not take any of his medicine, today he maybe took one of them. He was a spastic goof. I love my son, and I want him home. I tried to call this evening, he was off somewhere socializing, at a high school graduation (he is only in 6th grade).

He was supposed to visit me this weekend while my daughter visits her father, he blew that out of the water. I was trying to talk to him about plans for the weekend, and he abruptly informed me he already had this plan and that plan with this person and that person. I asked when he was planning on visiting with me instead of the people he is living with. He got mad and blew up at me. I immaturely responded with “I guess my plans are not good enough, so why bother”. He just does not understand how he hurts me, I am trying to plan for a fun “social” weekend, and he already has someone else’s plans without even giving me a chance. I am not a social creature, never have been. I prefer more non social time than social time. He cannot function without constant socialization, does that make him co-dependent of sort?He begrudges me for not liking constant socialization.

My son is a follower, not a leader. I on the other hand am a leader, preferring not to follow others footsteps, I can only hope he changes.

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3 comments on “My son is very frustrating

  • I think you’re idea about him being co-dependent may be correct. How long will he be living with the other people? Sad to hear he’s not with you any longer 😦 I wish you Luck!

    • This is not the first time my son has not lived with me, it is the first time he has refused to come home. He is living at my brothers house, I do not know how long before his welcome will be worn out and I will be allowed to be his mother again.
      Reading this after I wrote it I am hearing my anger coming out, now I have to figure out how to balance this frustrating dance my son is choreographing.
      Thank you for your kind thoughts, the pleasures of ADD and ODD.

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