feeling manipulated

Published June 2, 2013 by emotionless brain

My son suddenly decided last night he wanted to spend the night  with me. His sister is at her fathers, I was alone, so he came home. This morning I told him I had lunch plans with a friend (who he knows), he (my son) chose the cuisine Chinese. I notified my friend and got it set up. Shortly there after my son says he has changed his mind he does not want to go.

I ask why, he starts to throw a fit, I try to explain there has to be better or more descriptive communication that him just saying “because I do not feel like it”, after all he is only 12. I then asked what happens at his uncles house when he is told to do something he does not want to do, his reply I have to do it anyway, but Ima I dont have to do this right?”.



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