I was flabbergasted today when…

Published June 3, 2013 by emotionless brain

A previous employee got downright ugly to me in a text message. She tested inquiring about something, when I responded she snapped back at me. I told her I am not her enemy, and it is not right to begrudge me because I did something I was told to do by my employer that irked her. After she was let go I was told to move to her desk, I did not ask to nor did I really want to. She took offense. I never imagined her such an angry person.

I try to tread lightly, I try to be aware of people and their feelings. I never maliciously say anything, I never judge anyone, just not in my nature. I am a true lover not a fighter. Do not get me wrong I am not a push over or a wimp, I can turn bitch in zero flat, but it has to be triggered. I try not to carry a chip on my shoulder (had enough of that in younger years).

Some day it will come back to me (I have love in my dream)…

Life is good, furbabies are dreaming about chewies, feathers are full bellied (I made an amazing chop this am with papaya, strawberries, lentils, pasta, chicken, zuccini, watermelon, red grapes, cereal). I headed to the land of zzzzzzzzzz.

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One comment on “I was flabbergasted today when…

  • alot of people have no class and are very jealous and angry people to begin with. You just have to let it roll off your shoulders. I’ve had situations like this in my working years. It’s so hurtful. It is no reflection on you. You are a good, sensitive person.

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