Butterbeer… YUM!!

Published June 6, 2013 by emotionless brain



letter Those poor, poor kids when they’re sick.

Nothing is more pathetic or heart-wrenching than a kid who just doesn’t have the energy to eat, or smile, or get up off the couch. That was us this weekend. Over the course of three days our three kids passed around a nasty bug that took each of them sequentially out of commission. The first one went down, and the other two fell shortly thereafter. Three different days, three different sick kids.

You can only sit around the house watching Harry Potter movies for so long – especially when you’ve only unlocked the first three so far (Have I mentioned that Episode IV’s passion for the “Harry Potter” series has only intensified? She’s written at least two more books since I blogged about it last.) When Sunday rolled around and it was clear we weren’t getting out of the house any time…

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