Published June 15, 2013 by emotionless brain

As you may know by know I am not one to participate, encourage, or surround myself with drama (or drama people). In my previous job there were more males than females (organically reducing the drama level), there was a time that the females out numbered the males and it was a nightmare. Stupidity, drama, and dingbat were the wining forces. Even some of the males were hormonal and drama driven (it is not a disorder unique to just females).

I have recently changed employer (by choice) and have landed dead smack in the middle of Drama City. I am absolutely amazed at how much drama can exist in one small office. Some things have been said and done that I cannot make logical sense of. Irrational fear of non-existent organizations, misconception of guidelines, rules, and laws. I was absent from work on Thursday to take my kids to camp, and apparently the shit flew and allegations were made and the planet crashed. I was called by the owner and chewed up one and down the other, Friday when I was back at the office I also was “informed” by others about my alleged egregious errors, and for a second time chewed on by the owner.

I was told the owner was “smitten” with me when I was interviewed, I have many years experience in different environments, What do the following trades have in common? director of operations, practice administrators with college degrees, medical billers and collectors, paramedics, medical assistants? They are all a dime a dozen. I was hired because I poses unique skills and knowledge that are what the owner of this practice wanted. I do not understand why I have essentially been told to sit down, shut up, and do things the way the owner wants things done. Why were you looking for someone who posses the skills and knowledge I have if you already know everything and want everything done your way (which by the way you could be making a whole lot more money with less work). I ask myself is this a test for me or them, only destiny knows. So long as there is nothing that will cause harm or illegal I guess I will continue status quo. You ask what does that mean “status quo”, let me describe; total disorganization, all chiefs no indians, a billing system that is laden with barnacles, file drawers filled with stuff dating five plus years (in a medical practice some documents are only necessary for a limited time), electronic medical records in place but still operating in paper charts which each employee keeps in their own fashion and idea of organization. Every private physician practice I have worked for will attest that MD‘s are not practice administrators nor do they want the headache.

Yes I am frustrated, but to be true to my word I will stick it out for at least a year and see what develops. If nothing else it will be some life lessons for me (especially since I have already been falsely accused of something I absolutely did not do).

Life is good I am employed with an added bonus of daily drama woot woot.


2 comments on “Drama

  • How does one respond intelligently to this nutty situation? Did said boss know up front that you needed Thursday off to take your kids to camp? This is beginning to sound like everyone’s worst nightmare! Kudos to you for wanting to hang in and (maybe) straighten them out. People are threatened by a person who they perceive is ready to take over and straighten out the mess they have been happy to live with. They are scared of you! Don’t let them win. You will be great. You know what your mission is and you will win. Love you.

    • I thought I was hired to “clean up” the mess created by a previous employee. Apparently not.
      Yes people are threatened by anyone or anything different, secure, confident, knowledgeable, etc. Life lesson for me to learn how to effectively function without being threatening, and I I do threaten be cognizant and wise minded about the after math.

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